Tormod Syvertsen, 1982.  

The tag reads "Tormod Syvertsen/1982/131568."  (The
"131568" was, I presume, his phone number.)  

The fiddle is in very good shape.  The only damages are

(1) A crack in the lower treble rib, close to the end
button.  It has not been glued, but is not making any

(2) The varnish on the bass side of the front, low down,
is badly worn--enough that some of the pen-and-ink
decoration is worn off.  (Perhaps some player held the
instrument tightly with the chin, but without a chin rest.)

These damages are visible in the photographs.

I have replaced the sound post, bridge, and nut, and put
new strings on the instrument.  (You get the old bridge
with the instrument.)  The pegs are ebony and work
well.  There is no wear visible on the fingerboard.  I
have put on a chin rest.  Most of the photographs below
show the instrument without the chin rest; one shows it
with the chin rest.

The instrument is ready to play, as is.

Click on the photo to see an enlargement
This fiddle
has been sold