The "Viking Fiddle"
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When you buy one of my Hardanger Fiddles ...

•        You get great sound.  In early July, 2018, I took my latest two
instruments to three good American players.  There was a difference of
opinion as to which of the instruments was better, but all three players
thought that both instruments were very good.

Later in July, I took the same two instruments to the annual workshop
of the Hardanger Fiddle Association of America.  The two Norwegian
teachers there tried the instruments and liked them.  The Norwegian
teacher of the advanced class, a top player, played them for half an
hour, going back and forth between them.  There was no clear decision
as to which was better ...  but a half-hour of playing is a sign of great
praise.  (And he asked for my card and my price)

•        You get fine construction.  The instruments are built with the
materials, construction, and attention to detail of a quality violin.   Fine
maple, spruce, ebony, mother-of-pearl and bone.  The pegs fit and work
properly.  The fingerboard points down the middle of the instrument,
and is smooth, even, and has proper scoop.  The bridge fits.  The sound-
post fits and is in the right place.  And many other details.

•        Your instrument is ready to play without any adjustment.  And
when it does need maintenance (because every instrument needs
maintenance), you can take it in to your local luthier.  He or she may be
hesitant to work on a strange instrument.  But the clear quality of the
instrument will tell him he will find the glue, materials, and
constructions methods that he is familiar with.

•        You get a beautiful instrument.  
My current instruments are all very similar.  The most visible
change is in the choice of geared pegs, ordinary pegs, and fine
tuners.  I'm looking to see what works best for the player.

There are small changes in the rosing (pen and ink work) and
the carving of the head.

There are small changes in the arching, thicknesses, and bass
bar, all of which are important to the sound.
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