A. C. Kleven (1855-1909),
this fiddle undated

Although this fiddle is comparatively undecorated, it is
beautifully made.

The string hooks on the tailpiece were very long, so long
that the wrapping of modern strings would rest on the
bridge.  Rather than just shortening the hooks, I removed
them entirely, and cut modern string holes in the tailpiece.  
I considered this permissible since the tailpiece was so
plain; I would never do this to a highly decorated tailpiece.

The fiddle has tiny hooks just over the end button,
indicating that it was built to use "full-length" understrings
(see photo).  In order that the tailpiece not rest on the
understrings, I strung the playing strings
through the string holes, and made a fine-tuner that holds
the E-string low.  

All nine peg holes were bushed.  The original rosewood
pegs were fitted to the new holes.

New bridge and soundpost.
Pegs holes bushed, old pegs
fitted to the new holes.  
Understring guide added.
"Full-length" understrings.

Note the tiny movable "bridge"
resting on the underside of the
tailpiece, for tuning the back lengths
of the understrings.  
The playing strings are inserted downwards
through the string holes, and the special fine-tuner
holds the E-string low.  All this to keep the
tailpiece high, off the understrings.

The fine-tuner looks clumsy, but it is no heavier
than commercial tuners; the biggest piece is